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Caramel popcorn fast

Caramel popcorn fast


Popcorn is a tasty crunchy snack kids of all age groups. With just few ingredients in hand you can make tasty popcorn at home easily. It is a perfect treat for movie nights so I make it during weekends once in a fortnight atleast.

Popping a batch of popcorn perfectly is a bit tricky as we need all the corn kernels to pop without settling at the bottom. I have written all the tips and tricks to follow to get Perfect Popcorn without burning.


You can use either a tall sauce pot or a wide cooker. You need space for the popcorn kernels to pop out completely so choose a cookware accordingly. If you ask me a deep stainless pot or a wide pressure pan is best. We want pans that heat up cquickly at the same time not too light bottomed to burn the kernels. A triply cooker or cookware is a best fit.


  • Popcorn Kernels: Make sure to buy popcorn kernels and not the regular corn kernels from the store as all the varieties of corn kernels do not pop.
  • Oil: Use regular cooking oil or olive oil – however ensure they do not impact the flavour of the popcorn as oils like groundnut oil will radiate its flavour into the food it is added to.If you like the flavour of coconut oil then use it.
  • Salt: Salt is added as per taste.


  1. First get all your ingredients ready.Make sure to buy popcorn kernels and not normal corn kernels. Take a thick bottomed pan with lid. I used my pressure cooker. Add 2 tbsp olive oil to it.
  2. Swirl the pan so that oil is evenly distributed. Heat oil.
  3. Once oil is heated add a kernel to check.
  4. It will pop up in few seconds.This is the right temperature we need.
  5. Now add 1/2 cup corn kernels.
  6. Give a quick stir.
  7. Cover it with a lid. The lid should have a vent else close with lid partially for the vapour to escape. Keep flame in low medium.
  8. It will start popping.
  9. Now lift the pan from flame and shake it for 2 seconds then place in flame.Repeat this in intervals for all the seeds to pop evenly.
  10. Let the kernels pop completely. Once the popping sound is stopped, you can switch off flame. Immediately open the lid once popping stops else the water droplets may drop into the pan making it soggy.


Make sure you choose a pan which is wide/deep and some space to hold the hte popped corn. Make sure to use lid with vent. IF you do not have such a lid then close the lid partially leaving space for the vapour to escape.Make sure to first try popping out few corn kernels then add the rest.

While cooking covered take care not to burn so adjust the flame accordingly. Cook covered as the kernels will pop outside the container otherwise. You can add any flavouring of your choice. If you want you can even add a pinch of pepper powder. Make sure to stir the kernels well so that is is evenly coated in oil.

Oil should not be smoking hot, it should be sizzling hot for the corn kernels to pop out. So test 2-3 kernels before adding fully.


Toss the butter popcorn with seasonings like cheese powder, oregano, indian spice powders based on your preferences.

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