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Arcane League of Legends Limited Edition Flavors

Arcane League of Legends Limited Edition Flavors

Riot Games immerses us into the exciting League of Legends universe with their new Netflix series, Arcane. Set in the realm of Runeterra, split between the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground Zaun, this story follows the origins of two iconic Legends.  

Being familiar with League of Legends and it’s indisputable popularity, I had never walked into the fantasy world myself. Despite my lack of experience in the gaming world, this series has not disappointed. It instantly sucks you into its universe and creates a new reality that still has familiarity in its concepts. You don’t need to be a League of Legends super fan to binge watch this show within 24 hours. 

From scientists exploring the dangerous power of magic, to an underworld kingpin looking for revenge, this show serves as a tribute to a legendary game for millions of fans and an introduction into an enigmatic universe for Netflix surveyors. 

To celebrate the release of Arcane, Havsies has partnered with Riot Games to create new flavors that bring snackers all over the country into the world of Runeterra. Paying homage to the contrasting twin cities of Piltover and Zaun, we bring you Piltover Pop and The Last Pop

Only available for a limited time, make sure you grab your Arcane flavors and transport into the League of Legends universe.

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