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While garages are normally for cars, my little garage in LA in 2017 was an opportunity to imagine + create. We transformed it into a makeshift kitchen and created the recipes we share with you today. Even though it was challenging, we were determined to bring Havsies to life. Our "why" was always you, the snacker. You deserved the best snack on the market, and we were going to deliver, no matter what it took. When I was a kid, popcorn was the go-to snack, with my moms help I could bring any flavor to life. This little simple snack, the perfect canvas for flavor, could transform into anything I could imagine. My mom, a chef, taught me everything I know about spices, cooking, and flavor profiles. She always said that snacking is highly personal, which is what makes it so special. It takes finesse and a deep understanding of flavor— and a few thousand recipes later here we are. From the humble beginnings in a garage in Los Angeles, our commitment to the most flavorful, high quality product is our non-negotiable. Pop a bag open with the ones you love most and enjoy.

Dear Snacker,

Over the years LA has taught us quite a few things. Authenticity is key, that a walk on the beach can fix almost anything, your ideas matter, dreams require a dose of grit, and a street food diet is totally acceptable. But the ultimate lesson is to never be afraid to reinvent yourself. So in the spirit of adventure and keeping it real, we felt that gourmet popcorn needed a facelift to meet the desires of the modern day snacker. With flavor and health in mind, we've been on a mission to bring you, the snack aficionado, the flavored popcorn you deserve. We couldn't think of a better way to share LA culture than on our favorite snack. Big flavor, big imagination. This is Havsies.

Your friends,